Ginger and Gold is the lovechild of an idea that bridal wear need not be fancy or overdone. It only needs to reflect you and the one you love, and should be worthy of wearing time and time again.

Ginger & Gold

Ginger and Gold Bridal is a new bridal designer label in Queensland, Australia.

Ginger and Gold's intention is to create beautiful, unique bridal outfits that cannot be found anywhere else.

Our bridal and bridesmaid designs are carefully curated and designed, with high quality fabrics and most of all, made with love from our studio in East Brisbane. We cannot wait to be apart of your magical journey.


Our made-to-order designs are rich with story, full of love, dedication and are delicately handmade in Brisbane. The possibilities are endless and badass brides who dream outside the box are encouraged.

Our label is the lovechild of a redhead and a blonde who just want brides and their maids to feel absolutely comfortable in their own skin on their special days.