Ginger and Gold is the lovechild of an idea that bridal wear need not be fancy or overdone. It only needs to reflect you and the one you love, and should be worthy of wearing time and time again.

Ginger & Gold

Ginger and Gold are trailblazing their way through the Bridal industry with their refreshing and alternative take on wedding day fashion. Not one to do things by the book, they are making waves with their range of bridal jumpsuits, rose gold gowns, and bridal separates, with their next collection launching DECEMBER 1ST 2017.

Not to mention the co-founders, Ally and Zahra have a combined 5 years in the bridal industry as stylists and dressmakers before launching Ginger and Gold, so they know a thing or three! All pieces are handmade in the quaint sewing room of their East Brisbane Showroom. The girls are keen to bridge the gap in the market for modern, fun pieces with some personality.



Our made-to-order designs are rich with story, full of love, dedication and are delicately handmade in Brisbane. The possibilities are endless and badass brides who dream outside the box are encouraged.

Our label is the lovechild of a redhead and a blonde who just want brides and their maids to feel absolutely comfortable in their own skin on their special days.