Our Debut

So you've heard us rave on and on about our magical night for the last month, and in a flash it's been and gone! Finally, our precious bridal designs could see the light of day! It was an amazing night, no doubt, and we hope that all our fabulous guests had a wonderful evening. We cannot thank our beautiful vendors and new-found friends who had their setups for our launch, Erin Woodhall Celebrant, Blush and Bangs Beauty, The Montrose Barn, Taylor Kezia Photography and Aurora Floral Studio! Kate of Kalula Art for our peronsalised swing tags (for each and every dress/set), and not to forget our incredible friends and family who helped out and kept us sane in the leadup to this night. Bring on the badass brides + bridesmaids!

Photos by the lovely Taylor Kezia x

The Making of:

The best ideas always come about with a wine or two, right? 
G + G came about on at *least* five, as well as drinking some festive punch at our work christmas party. A Christmas party that was hosted and attended by only us (Ally and Zdy - pronounced 'Zed-ee').  After working in a Bridal store in the city together for over a year, it was hard to not become the best of friends!

A few months later, that blurry idea was spoken of again, with much more enthusiasm, (the sober kind). Suddenly, designs were up on the wall of Zdy's studio and beautiful fabrics were bought, and it was full steam ahead! All we knew was that we wanted to dress the kind of brides we would be: relaxed, kind of 'bridal-cool' style, and loads of fun!

So here we are, almost one year later. We've found a grey hair or two, but it's been so worth it to see a dream literally come to life. With Zdy having an extensive background in fashion design and apparel engineering - oh yes, that is a real degree, the first half of the process was in safe hands. When you meet Zdy, her shiny red hair is trumped only by her sassiness and smile, her nails are almost always perfectly manicured. Exactly the kind of person you want handling production!

We cannot wait to see what the future has in-store, but we also cannot wait to meet all of our future brides and their pals!

Much love, Ally + Zdy x